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Housatonic Software, based in the US, serves clients around the world. Our mission is to facilitate collaboration. Our leadership team has real-world project management experience in several sectors, including insurance, banking and software development.

Housatonic clients represent virtually every industry, including government, defense, manufacturing, technology, pharmaceutical, health, electronics and transportation - our clients include many Fortune 500 companies.

Housatonic Roots

Housatonic was founded in 2001 as a consulting and software development practice, with primarily regional US clients. Our team was comprised of early web adopters who had experience with successful Internet technologies and software companies, including eBay, Adobe and Microsoft.

Housatonic Today

Today, Housatonic provides state of the art software solutions and online tools that empower project managers and project team members, facilitating better collaboration and communication over the entire project life cycle, from inception through planning, execution, control and close out activities. Our collaboration solutions have been used by over 2 million worldwide - we've helped project teams from many global enterprises, including John Deere, BAE Systems, US Army, United Technologies, CVS, General Motors and others.

Our passion is for solving business problems with technology solutions, helping project teams collaborate and bring their creativity and vision to the challenge at hand.

Most large project teams today are dispersed globally, facing aggressive deadlines, limited resources and very tight budgets. Our goal is to help teams excel under these difficult circumstances, by providing tools that facilitate project communication and team collaboration.

Fast Forward

In the future, Housatonic will continue to serve the Project Management community with software tools and online solutions that leverage the Cloud and AI technologies (for example, digital assistance).

Feel free to contact us for more information about Housatonic, and how we can help your enterprise plan better.