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Housatonic Releases Project Viewer 365

With MS Project Viewing Solutions for All Platforms and Devices

Press Release [ pdf version ]
October 20, 2014

Pittsfield, MA USA - With solutions for viewing, sorting, filtering, printing and sharing MS Project MPP files on virtually any device or platform, Housatonic's Project Viewer 365 is the most comprehensive solution for project teams of any size. Project Viewer 365 is the newest incarnation of the Housatonic Project Viewer, the original, widely used budget-saving solution for viewing MS Project Files.

With Project Viewer 365, users can view MPP files created in MS Project 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 (as well as 98, 2000, 2002) project information. With PV365, project team members can access project information on:

  • Windows-based desktops, laptop or via a terminal server
  • Via any standard web browser including IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Mac OS devices
  • iPads, Android and Windows RT Tablets
  • iPhone, Android and Windows Phones

While the interface for desktop/laptop and browser is virtually identical to MS Project, the interface for mobile devices is designed specifically for the smaller screen and for use on-the-go.

Key new and enhanced features include:

  1. New User Interface: Contemporary-style Ribbon and Touch Enabled Gestures
  2. New Team Planner View
  3. New Timeline View
  4. Enhanced Team Collaboration with Edit-Task Update
  5. Project Compare Capabilities
  6. Multiple Projects Dashboard
  7. Open from MS Project Server 2013, MS Project Server Online
  8. Open from SharePoint Online
  9. Open from cloud storage - Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box
  10. Open from a URL
  11. Export functionality
  12. Enhanced Share Plan functionality

Housatonic offers a range of licensing options for Project Viewer 365 from a free online viewer to custom enterprise configuration.

A complete list of new features and functionality follows below. More information about Project Viewer 365, including trial downloads and a free online viewer can be found at www.ProjectViewerCentral.com.

About Housatonic

Housatonic has been offering viewing solutions for viewing and sharing Microsoft Project files since he year 2000. With millions of users world-wide, Housatonic Project Viewers are employed by companies and enterprises in virtually every industry including government, defense, manufacturing, technology, pharmaceutical, health, electronics and transportation, including Fortune 500 companies.

For more information about Housatonic, visit www.housatonic.com or telephone 413.822.5675.

What's new in Project Viewer 365?

New User Interface: Contemporary-style Ribbon and Touch Enabled Gestures

Project Viewer 365 comes with a new modern office ribbon and a touch enabled interface that support various gestures such as: Double Tap to view Task Info, Resource info and other detailed information; Enable magnifying glass by holding your finger on Gantt chart bars or other screen areas for zoom capabilities; Pinch and stretch to enlarge time scale or other windows on a touch screen. Also the new user interface has a contemporary ribbon-style design, with menus that group together options of related functionality. In addition, the new File backstage menu serves as a central entry point for the application as it gathers the most frequently used functionalities in easily located location.

New Team Planner View

Project Viewer 365 enables you to view the current team work assignments. The Team Planner View offers a clear reporting/view of what team members are working on at the moment.

New Timeline View

Timeline provides an easy way to look at the various tasks that are a part of a project. The Timeline view presents a high-level overview of the date range of the project plan. All project assignments and tasks can be presented in one or several horizontal lines depending on the combination of the selected tasks. Tasks and milestones can be marked on the timeline to highlight their importance or to mark the critical deliverables in the project plan.

Team Collaboration: Edit-Task Update

By enabling Edit Task Update, you can empower team members to perform simple task updates such as changing % Complete, adding Task Notes or editing Task Names. The Project plan mpp file must be "Edit Ready" (editable) in order to perform Task Updates in the Project Viewer. Learn about Team Collaboration at www.projectviewercentral.com/projectviewer/collaboration.html

Project Compare

Analyze differences between the current project plan mpp version and an earlier or later mpp version of the same project in a detailed report with the new Project Compare feature.

Multiple Projects Dashboard

Dashboard aggregates multiple mpp project files (either located on the user machine or online) in a virtual master project to help the user gain a higher-level perspective of the entire projects portfolio. With the Project Dashboard, projects are brought together to facilitate analysis and management of multiple project plans (ppm portfolio).

Open from MS Project Server 2013

Project Viewer 365 is able to connect to a Microsoft Project Central Database 2013 to retrieve the list of projects and open the selected one.

Open from MS Project Server Online

Project Viewer 365 is able to connect to Microsoft Project Server Online cloud service to retrieve the list of projects and open the selected one in the native desktop or browser interface.

Open from SharePoint Online

Project Viewer 365 is able to connect to Microsoft SharePoint Online cloud service, retrieve the list of MPP project files and open the selected one in the native desktop or browser interface.

Open from Google Drive

Project Viewer 365 allows opening and viewing MPP files stored on Google Drive.

Open from OneDrive

Project Viewer 365 allows opening and viewing MPP files stored on OneDrive.

Open from Dropbox

Project Viewer 365 allows opening and viewing MPP files stored on DropBox.

Open from Box

Project Viewer 365 allows opening and viewing MPP files stored on Box.

Open URL

Project Viewer 365 allows the opening and viewing of MPP files from HTTP. address In addition, this method can be used to open files from links shared (via email, etc) by a project manager or other team member.


Project Viewer 365 offers new options for Export functionality to export task or resource information from the current view to different formats including Excel, Image, XML, MPP and PowerPoint. There is also an option to export a dashboard file.

Native Windows support

Project Viewer 365 runs natively on all modern Windows versions, Windows 8&8.1 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2008+ and Citrix/Virtual Environment (Microsoft/VM/Oracle)

Share Plan

Project Viewer 365 allows users to share project plans with other team members in order to enhance team collaboration and keep everyone on the same page. Learn more about sharing a project plan via email, link, cloud and Project Team Collaboration at www.projectviewercentral.com/projectviewer/collaboration.html

Open recent projects

Project Viewer 365 offers the user a list of recently opened project plans for ready access frequently accessed plans.

Performance and bug fixes

Faster overall projects loading and processing and with an important speed boost for complex projects. Critical bug fixes in the area of MPP file format and compatibility with the latest Microsoft Office and Windows OS versions.

Full Release with Feature List [PDF]

More about Project Viewer 365 including online demo and free trial download at www.ProjectViewerCentral.com


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