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Housatonic Software Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Press Release [ pdf version ]
March 13, 2011

Pittsfield, MA - Housatonic Software was founded in 2001 as a consulting and software development practice, with primarily regional US clients. Today, Housatonic serves clients world-wide with a focus on addressing the challenges faced by large project teams and enterprises.

As a pioneer in developing a Microsoft Project “viewer” (www.projectviewercentral.com), Housatonic was the first to offer a web server solution and continues to be a leader in offering multiple solutions to the problem: how to cost-effectively provide project plan access to large numbers of team members who may be on multiple platforms and at multiple locations.

Microsoft Project continues to set the standard for managing projects of complexity and scale. However, most team members simply need a way to view, read, print and share project plans. They don't edit, change or modify the plan. Their needs don't justify the high cost of a Microsoft Project license. They need a "reader" or Microsoft Project viewer - essentially the equivalent of the now ubiquitous PDF reader.

Driven by real-world project management experience, Housatonic saw this problem early on and set out to solve it. Today, Housatonic offers three solutions to this challenge: a PC/Desktop solution, a server-based solution which supports SharePoint integration and a free online Microsoft Project viewer that has been used to open, view and share well over 1 million project plans. All three viewer solutions from Housatonic look and feel exactly the same as Microsoft Project and are compatible with MPPs created in any version of Project.

Housatonic's commitment to enhancing collaboration drives the company forward and several game-changing products – for desktop, network and cloud-based environments - are in the pipeline, scheduled for release during the 2nd quarter of this anniversary year.
Additionally, as part of the celebration, Housatonic is offering it's PC-based MS Project viewer at special anniversary pricing ($10/license), and it's server-based viewer and enterprise licensing at significant discounts. Visit the project viewer website, www.projectviewercentral.com, for more information.

According to CEO Sorin Fiscu -

"We've committed to our 'radical' pricing strategy for our anniversary because we've found that our best customers come from those that give our viewer a try - either via our online viewer or our free 30 day trial - and take it back to their team for a 'look.' These kind of real-world experiences have been our best marketing and have led to many of our enterprise license agreements. We are certain that if you try it, you'll like it! "

For more information about Housatonic, visit www.housatonic.com or telephone 413.822.5675.

To try online, download a free trial, or take advantage of the anniversary pricing on the Housatonic Viewers for Microsoft Project, visit www.projectviewercentral.com.

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